Maximum dependability, quality, and sustainability.

State-of-the-art technology: Revitech is the expert for technologically demanding service work on ultrasound probes. In the state-of-the-art Revitech repair centre, we repair your defective probes with the latest technology.

Excellent repair processing for all probes.

Call us: +43 316 282905 or +49 201 64982550

Do you have a defective ultrasound probe? Revitech manages the entire repair process in its all-round repair service.

The Revitech repair centre is one of the most modern in Europe in terms of technology and equipment. Our capable team of experts pools the combined know-how of more than ten years of repair experience in the field of medical technology and ultrasound. Using state-of-the-art technology, we ensure the reliably and fast repair of your ultrasound probe at the Revitech repair centre. We offer the ultimate repair service.

Repair service at the Revitech repair centre for:

  • Dropouts and disruptive image distortions
  • Damage to the cable sheath
  • Damage to the connector
  • Shadows in the image
  • Damage to the coating
  • Increased leakage value (leakage current)
  • Damage to the strain relief
  • And much more

Revitech repair service for:

  • Standard probes

  • Mechanical and 3D/4D probes
  • TEE probes
  • Matrix electronics for all probes
  • All fields of application
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Maintenance and service companies
  • Medical technology companies
  • Medical care centres
  • Medical practices

What can you expect from Revitech’s repair service?

First and foremost, you can expect efficiency, sustainability, and a lot of convenience.

Is your ultrasound probe defective or can it be used only to a limited extent? We’ll take care of it. At Revitech, experienced technicians repair your standard probes, TEE probes, mechanical and 3D/4D probes, and probes with matrix technology. For you, our total repair service at Revitech means that we take care of everything concerning your ultrasound probe. We’ll test your ultrasound probe and repair it. We may not always be able to guarantee you a repair – but we guarantee a solution! We are generally able to repair nine of ten defective ultrasound probes. We obtain a replacement for the rest. In everything we do, we act in the interest of our customers. We are always cost-conscious. We act sustainably. We are always effective. We are always there for you and guarantee you personal contact at all times.

Revitech ultrasound probe repair: all-round repair service and professional repair.

After we contact you, we will send you a loaner probe in advance if necessary. This ensures an uninterrupted examination of the device and avoids downtime. You send us your ultrasound probe and we check, test, and repair it at the highest state of the art. Of course, the repair is warrantied up to 12 months.

Next-day loaner probe service: so you can work without interruption.

Our sustainable total repair service also includes a loaner unit, which we can deliver to you on the next working day if you wish. We stock a large number of probe types from the most common manufacturers available in our rental equipment warehouse, so that we can provide you with a suitable probe for your ultrasound device as quickly as possible.