High-quality repair – sustainable use.

One of the leading suppliers of ultrasound probe repair: With a large high-tech repair centre, years of experience, much expertise, and a highly trained team, Revitech is your partner for the effective and assured repair of your probes.

Ultrasound probe repair specialist

With one of the most modern repair centers in Europe.

The added advantage of knowledge directly from applications and clinics.

The experience gained in intensive exchange with more than 60 clinics and other medical facilities in the Sana Group, their doctors and medical technicians, and the numerous experts from our group companies provide us the decisive edge in the field of sustainable repair of medical technology and electronics. This is an advantage that we pass on to our customers in the form of the highest quality and expertise in all our services. Our customers also benefit directly from all the advantages and synergies that arise from working in a network.

We draw technical and technological consequences from this, continuing to develop our ultrasound probe repair service accordingly. We work at all times on the cutting edge of technology and close to our customers and their needs. 

As an independent company in the group, however, we are also agile and flexible enough to be able to respond in a tailored fashion to the wishes and requirements of our customers. Today, its experience, expertise, and state-of-the-art repair centre make Revitech one of Europe’s leading suppliers in the field of ultrasound probe repair.

Maximum quality – guaranteed, certified.

In addition to the aspiration to bring more sustainability to ultrasound medical technology and its use, the principle of maximum quality is what drives Revitech. The highest quality standards and the dependable, standard-compliant repair of ultrasound probes are the mark of quality awareness in the company. The high standard of the repair service is also guaranteed and assured by Revitech’s ISO:13485 and ISO:9001 certifications. To ensure that this remains the case, we invest considerably in the continuing education of our employees. This is your guarantee for technological expertise and state-of-the-art work at all times. It is a level of quality that we guarantee you – with most probes with a 12-month warranty on the repair.

Technical knowledge – sustainable action.

Unattainable alone. Together, we solve problems in a network that transcends borders.

Ultrasound diagnostics is an important part of the treatment of patients in many specialties. If diagnostics cannot be performed due to a defect in the ultrasound device, there is no time to lose in getting the unit back into operation quickly and reliably. With Revitech, you have one of the leading specialists in the field of ultrasound probe repair at your side. Revitech is embedded in a network that creates unique opportunities from leading-edge knowledge and modular supply modules. This is unique in the German-speaking region. For the best medical care of a new era.

Revitech – in the Sana Clinic Service Group.

Care is perhaps just a word. But for every clinic and for every care facility, it has a different meaning. It has its own standards of quality, quantity, and complexity.

Sana Klinik Service provides answers that open up new possibilities: from consulting and planning to implementation, maintenance, and controlling. Across departments. Tried and tested in practice. Systemic. Inspired by a network of the best: the largest manufacturer-independent network for medical and healthcare services. And supported by one of the largest and most important participants in the healthcare sector.